Tabnova Transport Solutions

TABNOVA TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS In a fast and dynamic world where, from farming to latest technology keep changing with new steps, we humans do develop a nature to cope with it. As the world is now facing a crisis like it has faced many before, it is important that we have ….

Make Distance Learning Quick & Easy

Tracking data, managing students and distance learning has never been easier. But the Samsung classroom management app makes it easier for the teachers to manage students, create course content and share assignments with students in just a few clicks. Also, it makes it easier ….

Make Learning Fun With Our Quiz Feature

Samsung classroom management app enables teachers to quickly and easily create polls and quizzes. With our app, say goodbye to the boring and monotonous learning methods; and say hi to the most innovative and interesting learning methods. As an instructor, you ….

Kiosk As A Single Application

Tabnova proudly present to you the kiosk solution named single app kiosk. Convert your Android Device into a single purpose device. The device can be used with one selected app only & also Protect your device with lock-down software. To know more: Click here.

Send Assignment Online With Our Classroom App

Educators can now create paperless Assignments in just a few minutes and assign it to the learners. Once the learners are done with the Assignments, they can submit it online. It helps educators save time grading and guide learners to turn in their best work. “Assignments enable faculty to ….

Enhancing Retail Industry

Enhance retail industry with ease of “Real-Time” control over the device from Tabnova MDM. Easy Manage and secure all deployed devices in the retail industry with Tabnova’s seamless Enterprise mobility management(EMM) configuration interface.
Quick Start ….

Make Learning Exciting With Our Poll Feature

We make learning exciting with this easy to create poll feature. Make the most out of our Samsung classroom management Cloud and keep learners engaged creatively. Now, within a few minutes you can create polls and assign it to learners. Creative methods ….

Tabnova’s Innovative Platform

Tabnova’s innovative platform now brings IoT devices to the Blockchain to revolutionize the supply chain adding accountability, reliability. traceability and control. Every entity in the supply chain can now benefit from low cost, faster transaction settlement, and ….

What Our Classroom Management App Offers

Adding new technology to the classroom opens new opportunities for the students but it also distracts them. Hence, to avoid these distractions and to keep your students on track, we bring to you our classroom management app. The features of this app ….

Monitor Students With Just A Few Clicks

Now easily monitor the student screen, mute student devices, view their messages sent to the teacher, lock the student screen and apply wallpaper on their device. Keep an eye on their activity and everything that they do on their screen with the easiest to use classroom ….

Classroom Management Made Easy

Introducing the best classroom management app. Download the app now from this page and get a seamless classroom management experience. Classroom management refers to the wide variety of skills and techniques that teachers use to keep students organized ….

Benefits Of Classroom Management Cloud

Easy to use for students and teachers alike. Live video lectures. Provision for screen sharing. Hand raise feature for students to ask doubts. Smooth file sharing (Documents, Audios, Videos). Assignments can be managed comfortably. Quiz can be conducted ….