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Enterprise Mobility Management & What it Entails.

By Joby Jose

26 Oct

We live in a time when mobile device technologies are evolving rapidly. The dynamics of the usability of a mobile device are expanding onto an entire range of platforms, models, and applications. Such rapid innovations are being used to pioneer new business ventures and branch into novel streams of revenue.

For a 21st-century organisation, enterprise mobility management software is an essential cog in their machinery. EMM solutions allow companies to create an engaging service and marketing channel for their consumers and establish communication links within corporate networks.

And that’s where Tabnova steps in. With a proven record of innovative solutions and one of the best enterprise mobility management solutions in their repertoire that effectively reduces the costs and complexity of enterprise mobility, Tabnova has been at the forefront of securing, managing, and supporting the mobile operations of many companies across the globe.

NovaEMM is an Android enterprise-ready and ensures businesses are presented with countless opportunities through the cloud.

So, What Exactly Is EMM?

Enterprise Mobility Management solutions is a set of software processes and tools that securely bind all mobile devices and applications of a business.

These devices can be both corporate-owned or BYOD devices that are used to tap into sensitive corporate files. With NovaEMM, a company can ensure complete control over how users access these devices and applications. The tenet here is to bring about a balance between information security and a productive mobile workforce.

When a company rides on NovaEMM, they get 24/7 comprehensive visibility into its entire array of mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, scanners, laptops, kiosks, etc. The corporate management will have access to various features like the status of the mobile device, location, security status, software updates, and more. Without such extensive visibility, an organization could fall prey to malicious attacks that can hamper its productivity.

Who Needs Enterprise Mobility Management Solution?

The best enterprise mobility device management solutions are those where the user can work remotely from anywhere and access any device under the system. Now more than ever, the aftereffects of the pandemic are still resonating globally, and massive changes to the workforce and working systems are being inculcated in different industries; strong EMM solutions ensure a robust flow of business continuity without any external interferences.

Large- or small-scale businesses are moving towards enterprise mobile device management since they help minimize costs while offering better work-life balance for employees. The best enterprise mobility solutions framework available in the market help companies to switch to a hybrid or remote working condition without any reduction in productivity.

Employee onboarding and training, transferring and sharing of data, and collaborative activities can be done securely and remotely. Moreover, with solid EMM solutions, employees across different time zones and locations worldwide can work seamlessly in tandem.

What is NovaEMM Used For?

A NovaEMM suite houses a handful of features and administrative control, including the capability to remotely and centrally control corporate mobility guidelines that govern the use of mobile devices in workplaces. Let’s take a broader look into what NovaEMM can accomplish.

  1. Application Management: Through NovaEMM, the organisation can control which applications should be downloaded from the play store into their fleet of devices. Conversely, any application can be blacklisted from being downloaded as well. The application management system can also access corporate networks and interact with given information. Additionally, the organisation can set up auto-update policies and decide which version should run on their devices.
  2. Enrolment: With NovaEMM, it is effortless to deploy any application or software into an organisation’s fleet of mobile devices, including clientless enrolment using QR Codes. Moreover, with NovaEMM, Android Enterprise enrolment and KNOX mobile enrolment are easily accomplished.
  3. Security: NovaEMM improves the overall security of devices through its robust security features, like enforcing a password policy. Mobile devices can also be controlled to provide only restricted access to applications. Even if any device from the fleet is lost or missing, one can impose a lockdown on that device to prevent loss of data or data intrusion.
  4. Monitor Remotely: NovaEMM’s remote monitoring facility allows the administrator to screen share any information needed. Also, the user can set up alerts and a messaging system to intimate any information of consequence to the whole fleet of devices.
  5. Compliance: NovaEMM is GDPR compliant and meets all the regulatory standards that are expected from it. The cloud server is located in the EU, and Data Protection Agreements are in place to prevent unauthorized use or theft of data and information. With GDPR compliance, the following aspects are put in place:
    • Enforcing Passcode requirements
    • Data encryption on the device
    • Deploy and Enforce settings and restrictions
    • Separate work and personal space on the device
    • Wipe sensitive information
    • Blacklist applications
    • Generate reports for data security
    • Factory reset stolen devices

What Are the Benefits of Using NovaEMM?

There are a host of benefits from using NovaEMM that an organisation enjoys. Apart from the robust security, NovaEMM is an affordable option to go for. Let’s look at some of the other advantages of using NovaEMM.

  1. Multiple Kiosk Options: With NovaEMM, organisations can set up any desired kiosk. Single App Kiosks, Dashboard Kiosks, Browser Kiosks, and Video Looper Kiosks are some options that can be set up and managed through mobility management.
  2. Multiplatform Support: NovaEMM offers multiplatform support like the Kiosk options. Whether an organisation employs Android or IOS, NovaEMM can function effectively on devices that run on both platforms.
  3. Enterprise Apps: NovaEMM has a suite of enterprise apps that one can select and deploy according to requirements. Moreover, any custom application can be integrated into the Enterprise Mobile Device Management platform.
  4. DRM Content Delivery: The audio and video content used for live streams is encrypted and DRM protected.

NovaEMM helps corporate businesses achieve the full benefits of using a fleet of mobile devices cost-effectively. At the same time, they gain a higher return on investment, thus ensuring an increase in their productivity scales.