Discover comprehensive Mobile Device Management solutions in UK that cater to diverse sectors including hotels, Education, healthcare, retail, and transportation. Our MDM software solutions offer the best enterprise mobility software, ensuring top-notch device security and management. We offer efficient and tailored solutions for Digital Rights Management software solutions and Device Management Software. Our team of experts offers round-the-clock technical support and guidance to ensure customer satisfaction. We provide cost-effective solutions and customized packages that fit your budget. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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Tabnova EMM is now an Android for Enterprise partner.

Customers can use the same industry-leading Tabnova Enterprise Mobility Management interface to manage all android devices and deploy apps directly from Google Play, along with improved security.

EMM Solutions
MDM For Education


Samsung Neues Lernen is the complete end-to-end mobile device management software For Education for digital education. It is a multi-platform solution where teachers and students can interact both in the classroom and from home.


MDM For Healthcare Solutions helps hospitals provide patients holistic service, including entertainment, healthcare support, call system, communication tools, feedback, and analytics.

Healthcare MDM Solutions
enterprise apps

Enterprise Apps

Tabnova provides a suite of Enterprise Apps every industry needs. Managed configuration options are available for all applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Provides a simple, powerful, and effective insight from every shopper to enhance sales. It is the only solution to provide cost-effective and full store analytics using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning.

Artificial Intelligence


Case Studies

Sonos and Tabnova partner up to revolutionize their merchandising and retail display unit. Sonos is the first name in wireless HiFi speaker systems, offering high-end home streaming music speakers, whole-home audio setups, and more.


Hotel in-room entertainment, information, management solution that involves tablet in each guest’s room, and a management console for every Hotel to provide the services.


Tabnova Tracking is the most complete Fleet Management and tracking solution in the marketplace.


Samsung Electronics Belgium in collaboration with Disney Studio wanted to launch a Kids tablet with the latest Frozen movies and Games.


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