Wear Tech

NovaHealth’s Wear Tech motivates a healthier lifestyle. It gives a peace of mind to the caregivers and the members of the family. 24/7 monitoring on the health of the senior citizens is possible. If an elderly person is sick or facing health issues, a notification will be sent on the caregiver’s device and they will be alerted. So, timely measures can be taken accordingly. Fall detection alert, pill reminder, location tracking and temperature monitoring are few of the many features. Best in-class healthcare solutions


It’s not always possible to be near your loved ones and keep a check on them. Our specially designed app for senior citizens plays an important role in this scenario. Now you can digitally keep a check on them and their well-being. Features like emergency calling, fall detector, location tracking and much more helps us to stay rest assured of their well-being. This is the best app to care for and stay connected with elderly people.

Android Mobile Application

Android mobile application can be installed and managed via MDM

  • Enrollment: Device will be enrolled and managed using healthcare MDM solutions.

  • SOS messaging: Emergency call can be initiated on single click or automatically in situation when a fall is detected.

  • Location: Locations will be sent to track user for geofencing functionality.


Consolidated view of all patients

Option to view single patient report

Alert if any health parameter going out of range

Comparison of vital health parameters with standard readings

Key Benefits

Dashboard Patient
  • Patient can view all his health parameter
  • Track history of health parameters.
  • Get analysis comparison and report.
  • Alert if any parameter going out of range.
Best Features of Nova Health
  • Heart Rate
  • SpO2 (oxygen saturation)
  • Sweat loss
  • Blood Pressure
Use Cases
  • Fall Detection using Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors
  • Remote monitoring of loved ones
  • Patient monitoring in hospitals
Easy to use
  • One-click call to family and friends
  • Sound loud and clear
  • Dedicated SOS button (emergency services)
  • GPS tracking service
Simple solutions to everyday problems
  • Fall detector
  • Location tracking
  • Vibration Alert
  • Inactivity triggers
Digital functionality
  • Block unknown calls
  • Simplified UI
  • Easy navigation, monitoring and overall activities