MDM Software for Transportation

Tabnova Tracking stands out as the most comprehensive Transportation Management Software in the market, equipped with an advanced feature set, multiple applications, apps, and server software to cater to every customer's requirement. It's the ultimate MDM software for the transportation industry, addressing all MDM needs in the sector. If you're looking for cutting-edge MDM for Transportation, Tabnova Tracking is the go-to solution that delivers exceptional results.

Fleet Management & Transportation Tracking Software

Tabnova's Fleet Management Software is the ultimate solution for transportation companies. Equipped with cutting-edge features, it caters to every need of the industry. With Tabnova's Fleet Management & Transportation Tracking Software, you get the benefits of both fleet management software and transportation tracking software. It's an all-in-one Transportation Management Software that helps optimize logistics, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Choose Tabnova's Fleet Management & Tracking Software to take your business to the next level.

Features List

Live Tracking of all Vehicles.

IoT device integration (Integration with external sensor devices).

Online and Email Reports.


Bespoke Camera for incident reporting.

NFC card-based login to ensure authorized usage.

Over speeding and idling detection.

Panic Button for Emergency request.


Automatic SOS Call.

Play advertisement /video.

Two Way Messaging.

Document manager for distributing user manual and trainin documents.

Driver attendance/timesheet management.

Bespoke integration.

Tracking Apps Suite

Camera APP: All pictures captured from the camera are stored securely and resized to be sent to secure FTP servers. All local data is deleted upon transfer. Photo Transfer can be configured to happen over wifi when available or force over available data channel if there is no wifi available in a given period of time.

Messaging APP: Drivers can interact with the contacts using the messaging app. All Messages are deleted when a wipe function is performed.

Kiosk Functionality: The Drivers will have restricted access to applications on the device as KIOSK mode will be enabled. Multiple pages can be set on the dashboard and the location of each application can be defined. Each page will have a bespoke Wallpaper/Logo. The KIOSK mode can be exited only by admin password or remotely by support staff.

Panic Button: The driver can request help by pressing configured Hardware KEY or icon the device to dial a pre-configured number.


SOS APP: Calls Emergency services automatically if there is an accident. This is based on phone sensors.

File Manager APP: The administrator can share Files to drivers from the central console.