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What is Digital Rights Management Solution

By Rajiv

28 Nov

The advent of smart mobile devices has increased mass media consumption – be it video, audio, or images – by the masses. Digital viewership has increased exponentially within a matter of years. A report released by Statista stated that by 2023, the number of digital viewers will have increased to 3.1 billion, which is a significant leap from the earlier reported 2.6 billion in 2019.

As viewership increases, the number of digital platforms catering to the demand is also growing by leaps and bounds. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple TV, etc. are some popular ones, alongside lesser-known regional platforms. But with such access and exposure to content, media piracy issues have been rampant. Media security is constantly fighting against unauthorized streaming, taking a strain on the entertainment industry’s revenue. But this shouldn’t be a pressing concern for you if you enforce proper DRM solutions for your media protection. Tabnova’s Digital Rights Management solutions exist to save your media from being illegally exploited.

You might be wondering how DRM can help save videos. Read on to know more about the best Digital Rights Management solution one can buy.

What Exactly Is Tabnova Digital Rights Management Solution?

Tabnova DRM Solution is a software that ensures any content that you put out will be accessible to only those people who are authorised for viewership. This way, there are minimal chances of your content being illegally manipulated. Tabnova’s video DRM software can be used to list your content to a user that you approve, and you even get the ability to control the browser or devices through which they take in your content.

The majority of videos that are uploaded online are encrypted to prevent illegal manipulation, however, the decryption key for the video is often easily obtained. But with a DRM solution, your encryption keys are so well hidden that only those you authorize can access it. This way, you gain the upper hand over any potential hacker or download tools.

It doesn’t matter what content you put forth, whether video, audio, eBooks, games, etc. Whatever the content, a DRM Solution can protect it from piracy.

DRM-Protected Content & What It Means

DRM-protected denotes that the ascribed digital content has restrictions on its usage. Any digital content protected with rules through a DRM Solution to prevent unauthorized access will be considered DRM-Protected content.

Most DRM restrictions are against illegally downloading, streaming, or making a copy of digital content. Additionally, you can set the count for how many times a user can access your content or even on a mobile device on which the content is viewed.

The DRM restrictions you set can be a simple set of rules or a complex batch, according to the level of security required for your content.

How DRM-Based Encryptions Work

Video encryption is when you encode your video into a secure non-video format. This prevents unauthorized access to your raw video files. Anyone who tries to access the file will get a load of random gibberish on an encrypted file.

The advantage here is that the encryption can never be broken and can only be unlocked with a decryption key. However, the disadvantage is the weak encryption key exchange. Due to this weakness, encryption keys can be accessed by a potential hacker and used to access your encrypted file. Although this is not possible for a layman to undertake, anyone with a technical understanding of video encryption and keys can work around this system.

This weakness is exactly what the DRM solution takes care of. Once DRM-protected, your encryption keys are hidden and nigh accessible by anyone unauthorized. The DRM software encrypts the video and hides the key in a BlackBox or CDM.

There are different DRM solutions that can be employed based on what your requirement is. The difference lies in the different devices and browsers that are used to host the content. Let’s take a look at some of them”

  1. Google Widevine DRM Solution: It is compatible with Desktop/Laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux) Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Android Chrome, Edge, Android TV, Android TV, Chromecast.
  2. Apple Fairplay DRM Solution: For Mac Safari, IOS Safari, IOS App
  3. Microsoft Playready DRM solution: Compatible with Edge in Windows. But since Windows Edge is also supported by Google Widevine, Playready need not be employed.

The encryption keys that are placed in a CDM (Content Decryption Module) cannot be accessed by you, even though the CDM may be on your device. This is to protect the encryption keys. The only way to access the protected content is through Encrypted Media Extensions (EMEs) that are delivered through the video DRM system.

Benefits of DRM Solution Protection

While we talked about how DRM protected content can be saved from piracy, that’s not the only advantage that we have. Here are some of the benefits of having your content protected through DRM solutions.

  1. Encrypted DRM prevents your content from being downloaded through any download tools, or third-party apps.
  2. DRM Protection ensures the content, especially videos, are protected from being streamed illegally to another platform or device.
  3. Blocks Screen Capture: One way to bypass download blocks is to record videos is through screen recording. With the proper DRM solutions in place, any type of screen capture is prevented on the device.
  4. Dynamic Watermarking: Dynamic watermarking discourages any screen capture attempt since one can add IP addresses, Email-ID, User-Id etc to the screen. With such additions, you can find out the source of video piracy.
  5. Time-Based, Geographical, & IP Based Restrictions: You can block access to video and restrict viewership based on location of the device, time of viewing, and any particular IP address. Additionally, you can restrict and control the total video playtime by a user.

There are different sets of DRM solutions available, each with their pros & cons that depend on your requirements. The best DRM software one can implement includes Tabnova’s DRM solutions, which have a comprehensive set of infrastructure & support that is both accessible and affordable.

Tabnova DRM Solutions enable media platforms to host videos and media content on their distinct applications in a robust manner, with seamless streaming capabilities. This ensures that the content is protected against piracy and their revenues are safeguarded from loss.