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One-Stop-Shop Tabnova Kiosk Solution

By Joby Jose

06 Aug

In the dynamic environment of commerce, it is the use of digital kiosks makes the business sector develop quickly. The Kiosk is a small device, with or without stands or cases used for marketing purposes like attracting customers and helping them in purchases. Upgrading to Kiosk devices has already created a vast impact on the sales and marketing industry.

Kiosk machines are used across all industries and seen mostly in places like shopping malls, public places, and small shops. The main advantage of setting a kiosk device is that it replaces human interaction. When a business sector arranges to set up a kiosk machine, they need to go through some processes before finally installing it in the places they need. From buying cases to install software, they have to visit different stores that can be costly and time-consuming if the sector is a small-scale one. Tabnova helps to secure your devices with great care and avoids confusion and time loss by providing all the solutions in one place.

What Tabnova Offers?

Usually, a customer should go to four different shops to set up a kiosk device. Tabnova offers an all-in-one store where you can do everything at one store. In the end, tablets are ready to be set up in places where they want to.

Tabnova offers a four-in-one store for kiosk devices and their setup. First, From Tabnova, the customer can choose the devices of their choice. Secondly, the cases which are needed to cover the tablets. So, they don’t have to visit other shops by looking for the cover case or stands. When a tablet is stuck into the case, it hides the volume buttons inside so that no one can control or take it out of the case and steal it. The software installed also makes them protected from using other applications and websites.

The third one is the MDM Solution for the device. Installing MDM software is an essential step in today's business industry. As privacy and security become the crucial concern of every customer, Tabnova helps the sector to set up MDM software into the kiosks. It helps to control and manage the different devices. Also can manage the applications installed and used on the devices.

And lastly, Tabnova provides B2B software for the devices. The B2B software helps to organize and customize the applications in the kiosk device according to the needs of the business company. The devices can be controlled and managed by an admin and allow the visitors to use other apps they want to.

Why Choose Tabnova?

By choosing Tabnova, customers can get a lot of advantages. No information is kept in the software to protect the privacy of the customers. Hence, no one can steal or interpret the user's data. By installing powerful MDM, the device is secured and locked with safety measures, making the customers interact and use the devices freely without any doubt about their safety.

There are some other advantages where a customer can choose kiosks over direct counters for purchases or any other activities. People don't feel safe coming in direct contact with others in the Covid19 scenario while purchasing, communicating, or doing any other activities. As Kiosk denies the possibility of human interaction to the minimum, using the devices is the best way to stay healthy and to keep your distance from others.

Standing in a queue is what makes any shopping a boring one. When you use a kiosk tablet instead of human counters, it saves your time and minimizes the errors that might happen. And there can be only one customer in counter can save you from the rush of doing the purpose as fast as you can.

On the whole, looking at all the factors like saving time, security and being easy to use, Tabnova is always the first option you can choose from purchasing to setting up software. Kiosk devices can raise sales to the maximum and can attract new and potential customers. It can also make a positive impact on people by giving them a delightful experience and satisfaction.