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Tabnova Healthcare: A Mobile Device Management Kiosk Solution for Healthcare

By joby jose

10 July

Healthcare is one of the most critical and demanding sectors that require efficient and reliable management of mobile devices and kiosks. Whether it is for clinical mobility, telemedicine, patient engagement, or frontline collaboration, healthcare organizations need to ensure that their devices are secure, compliant, and productive.

Effective management of mobile devices and kiosks is essential in the demanding and critical healthcare sector. Tabnova Healthcare offers a comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Kiosk Solution designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers. With a focus on security, compliance, and productivity, Tabnova Healthcare enables healthcare organizations to streamline operations and deliver exceptional patient care. Tabnova Healthcare is a mobile device management (MDM) and kiosk solution that helps healthcare providers manage and secure their mobile devices and kiosks with ease and flexibility.

Tabnova Healthcare offers features such as

  • Device provisioning: MDM

MDM allows healthcare organizations to enroll and configure devices across multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Chrome OS. Tabnova supports bulk enrollment methods, such as zero-touch, QR code, Apple DEP, and Windows Autopilot. Tabnova also enables healthcare organizations to customize their devices with branding, wallpapers, and kiosk mode.

  • Application management:

Tabnova MDM helps healthcare organizations deploy and manage applications on their devices remotely. Tabnova supports public and private apps, as well as progressive web apps (PWAs). Tabnova also provides an enterprise app store for healthcare apps, such as patient portals, feedback, and telehealth apps.

  • Data and device security:

Tabnova ensures that patient data and device security are always maintained. Tabnova allows healthcare organizations to enforce policies and controls on their devices, such as password requirements, encryption, VPN, app whitelisting and blacklisting, data sharing restrictions, and screenshot blocking. Tabnova also supports remote wipe and lock in case of device loss or theft.

  • BYOD management:

Tabnova enables healthcare staff to use their personal devices for work purposes without compromising data security. Tabnova allows healthcare organizations to create secure containers on personal devices that isolate work apps and data from personal content. Tabnova also allows healthcare organizations to apply selective policies and wipe only the work data from personal devices.

  • Device tracking:

Tabnova provides device tracking capabilities that allow healthcare organizations to monitor the location and status of their devices in real-time. Tabnova also provides telemetry data, such as battery levels, network connectivity, data usage, and storage. Tabnova also allows healthcare organizations to set up alerts and notifications for device issues or compliance violations.

  • Frontline collaboration:

Tabnova empowers frontline healthcare staff, such as doctors and nurses, to access e-health records and communicate with each other with ease. Tabnova allows healthcare organizations to share files in real-time, make video or voice calls, and send messages using the built-in communication app. Tabnova also allows healthcare organizations to integrate with third-party communication apps, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Tabnova Kiosk Solution for Healthcare

Tabnova Healthcare also provides a kiosk solution for healthcare that allows healthcare organizations to deploy self-service and interactive kiosks in various settings, such as hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies, and waiting rooms. Tabnova kiosks can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Patient check-in/out: Tabnova kiosk solution can be used to streamline the patient check-in/out process by allowing patients to scan their ID cards or QR codes, fill out forms, verify their information, make payments, print receipts or labels, and get directions.

  • Patient education: Tabnova kiosks can be used to provide patient education by displaying relevant information about health conditions, treatments, medications, prevention tips, etc. Tabnova kiosks solution can also be used to conduct surveys or quizzes to assess patient knowledge or satisfaction.

  • Patient entertainment: Tabnova kiosks can be used to provide patient entertainment by offering games, videos, music, news, social media, etc. Tabnova kiosks can also be used to provide personalized recommendations or suggestions based on patient preferences or interests.

  • Patient feedback: Tabnova kiosks solution can be used to collect patient feedback by allowing patients to rate their experience, leave comments or suggestions, report issues or complaints, etc. Tabnova kiosks can also be used to display testimonials or reviews from other patients.


Tabnova Healthcare's MDM Kiosk Solution empowers healthcare organizations to manage and secure mobile devices and kiosks effectively. By leveraging Tabnova's comprehensive features, healthcare providers can enhance operational efficiency, improve patient satisfaction, and comply with stringent regulations like HIPAA. Explore the full potential of Tabnova Healthcare's MDM and Kiosk Solution today to revolutionize your healthcare management practices and deliver exceptional care to patients.