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Tabnova's Artificial Intelligence Instore

By Rajiv

30 Jul

From the traditional stereotype of business, the industry has come a long way till the 21st century, with dozens of changes, new methods, and achievements. The rapid development of technology can be count as one of the reasons for the progress. With the extraordinary benefits of Artificial Intelligence, the companies seized the opportunity to explore and develop in their fields.

Words like sales, shopping, or purchasing don't come with a surprise to us. The exchange of commodities has a long history starting from Mesopotamia in 6000 BC. So, the modern man has worked on different ways and methods to make the sales up to date. Artificial Intelligence has been playing a crucial role in this sector too. Tabnova Instore AI is a well-built attempt to strengthen and amplify the sales to the shoppers. Using AI, outcomes and customer's needs and specifications can be predicted. Every visit, every purchase, or even window shopping by shoppers is salient when it comes to the sales sector. With groundbreaking AI and Deep learning, Tabnova Instore AI is cost-effective and helps in full store analytics.

Artificial Intelligence has been introduced to technology with a significant lead, to minimize human error because managing massive data using human hands is not promising. When offline retailers come to contact with AI-based technology, it makes their analysis of sales uncomplicated. The ability to capture the attentiveness of the customer is the main target, which can be easily attained with the help of Tabnova AI also possess the ability to analyze the data in real-time. With the potential customers, two-way communication can also exchange, and to maximize the quality of service to the customers, Tabnova AI provides real-time reporting.

How does Tabnova Instore AI work?

When a customer visits a shop to search for a targeted product is introduced to an edge device. AI recognizes and collects the data like gender, age, app usage statistics, product dwell time, and counts of footfall while the person is standing in front of the edge device and transferred it to the cloud server in real-time and stored there as reports and CMS. Then the targeted content, coupons, and offers will be displayed to the shopper that can be highly resulted in impulse shopping and content management.

Features of Tabnova Instore AI

Every system has a fit and powerful platform rooted in intelligent features and qualities. Tabnova Instore AI has a range of properties, for making the shopping experience simple and comfortable.

Tabnova AI uses a graphical dashboard for real-time data display. The data processed by edge devices can view in graph modes like age-wise graphs and gender-wise graphs. The demographics of visitors can view in a live manner. The exportation of data in high quality is another feature. The feature of automated emails for reporting helps to find the overview of the data in emails without opening the dashboard. The system provides multiple user roles with permission controls. Coupon delivery integrated with the CMS makes the software more engaging with the customers. Through this, sales can be customized and maximized. Tabnova AI comes with an IOT sensor that makes the process smooth and fast. It also supports Bluetooth integration. Android Enterprise Support is another feature that makes Tabnova more friendly with the customers and allows them to use it anytime. The feature API integration for third-party support allows the store to join or combine with others for possible outcomes.

Advantages of Tabnova Instore AI

Tabnova has a list of advantages that explain why Tabnova is the best option. We use Image Analytics over video Stream Analytics, with a low bandwidth comparing to others. Tabnova Instore AI can be used from one single edge device per shop with no hardware where many AIs use one hardware per device. Acts upon the triggers and uses CMS for displaying digital signage and coupons, Tabnova AI operates in a way other companies do not. The Tabnova Instore AI only requires a fragment of the amount which other companies offer. Tabnova always works upon the customer-first policy. The software does not use or save any personal information (PII) and acts according to the GDPR. We do not store any images or data on the device or the cloud.

Benefits of Tabnova Instore AI

The development and accessibility of AI helped to reduce human errors and mistakes and made works less complicated. Tabnova Instore AI in the same minimizes errors and maximizes the chances to enhance sales.

  • Visitor Insights: Tabnova AI access the visitor details to enhance the sales and display the possible content. When the number of visitors, demographics is recorded, it can lead to the general and specific assumptions of the targets and needs of each category. Also, AI distinguishes unique visitors and returning visitors. This feature helps to indicate the growth of a particular shop.
  • Tenant Intelligence: AI works mainly according to the dwell time in shopping. There is always a possibility to buy when the customer is looking into the screen for a long time. By footfall traffic, by counting the number of persons entering your specified area, and by analyzing application usage statistics, Tabnova Instore AI performs in high favor to the customer needs and targets.
  • Marketing: The product information and details can reach the customers by using smart digital signage, which can likely attract them to the store. Displaying discount coupon offers is another advantage of maximizing sales.
  • Operation Optimization: With a minimal cost of charge, we provide the most efficient and effective operations. By making effective plans and executing with the help of Tabnova AI, like scheduling peak visitor times, organizing event-based alerts, and works according to the usage level of shops.