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How DRM software protect your video content?

By Joby Jose

06 Jan

Digital rights management solutions have taken up significant space in today's media market. Enterprise companies are always on the lookout for better security and encryption for their content and getting a robust enterprise digital rights management system is one way of going about it. This is especially true of those companies who are creating and distributing media content online.

DRM & What it Means for Business

Digital Rights Management is used to protect digital media content, be it audio or video or text or image, from unauthorised and illegal use or piracy. With digital rights management software, unauthorised users won't be able to copy, convert, or redistribute the content in any way. Since there is a vast horde of media content that is being consumed over the internet, enforcing DRM software is becoming a standard requirement in many companies.

DRM Solution, when applied, ensures that the video content is securely encrypted, and wrapped up robustly when stored and transmitted. Here, the goal is to make sure that the video content can only be accessed and played back by authorised users. When the appropriate digital rights management solutions are set in place, then the video player will only decrypt the video content once it confirms that the user and the device have the appropriate authorization.

How to Consider the Right Enterprise Digital Rights Management?

There is quite a bit of digital rights management software that is floating around in the market. They are all capable of protecting your video content with varying degrees of security.

However, when considering the best DRM software that is compatible with all the popular browsers and devices, it all boils down to these three - Google's Widevine, Microsoft's PlayReady, and Apple's Fair Play.

When Are DRM Solutions Used?

Basically, when you have video content that needs to be protected from piracy or illegal and unauthorised use, then you should utilise DRM solutions. Digital rights management software for digital media assets should be in place for the following:

  1. When delivering any original business model that is subscription-based.
  2. When licensing OTT video assets or other content for digital platforms.
  3. When creating one's own video content.
  4. To utilise live environments, which will ensure that your video content isn't shared on social media without consent or authorisation.
  5. To prevent any type of piracy or unauthorised copying or streaming of your media content online.

How Is The Content Set for DRM Solutions?

When you strategize and set up digital rights management software, then you need to make these few modifications to your streaming content:

  1. Content:
    Your video content should be transcoded, encrypted, and wrapped up in formats that your digital rights management software supports.
  2. Player:
    The video player that you use to play your video should be able to request a key from a license server in order to decrypt the video. Since this is a distinct feature that is specific in nature to the platform used, you might require different players on each different platform.
  3. License Server:
    A license server is needed to authenticate any request for keys from the video player. The authentication will provide the player with the appropriate key to decrypt the video.

In this present age, where the internet is bombarded with multitudes of video content, the significance of enterprise digital rights management is sky-high. Whether an individual or a company, protecting digital information assets is of paramount importance.

For businesses both large and small, getting the best DRM software should be a priority, as it can safeguard sensitive customer information as well as internal data, not to mention the companyโ€™s intellectual property. From the bottom rung to the top of the ladder, starting from the creation of the content to its sale and distribution, all entities involved must employ robust digital rights management solutions to protect their digital assets.