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Why You Should Choose MDM Solutions for The Education Sector

By Joby Jose

20 Feb

The modern business world works hand-in-hand with mobile devices and their applications. Companies are moving towards advanced infrastructure and tech, shifting from traditional physical desktops to online clouds.

This shift has moved people from onsite workspaces to virtual workspaces, enabling them to work remotely from anywhere or at any time. Access to information, applications, data, and other corporate resources is available from the cloud through any device and at any location, promoting increased flexibility and mobility to businesses.

This is especially true in the education industry, where mobility has changed the way how teachers and students interact in the classroom. However, such a shift has also paved way for increased cyber-attacks and unauthorised infiltration of mobile data.

Mobile device management for schools is rapidly taking root to combat such challenges. MDM solutions for education make everything that much easier - from planning lessons to conducting tests, monitoring a student's learning journey, and ensuring secure interaction through mobile devices, educators find it increasingly useful.

Let's take a quick look at how MDM for education is benefiting schools.

Optimising the Lesson Time

MDM for education is often used to optimise lesson time, while at the same time, reducing the workload of the IT department. MDM solutions for schools can be used to push study materials, educative applications, etc. to the students' mobile devices even before a lesson has started, thus allowing your students to peruse the materials for a longer period.

Increased Cyber Security

One of the important aspects of having mobile device management for schools is that the administrators can ensure all devices that are under the school's digital premises are updated and fortified. This results in smoother functioning of devices and safeguards them from unwanted accesses, device thefts, data thefts, etc. Moreover, most MDM solutions for schools have protocols that allow one to track the location and usage of a particular mobile device under it, and even have the capability to wipe the data of stolen or missing devices remotely.

Prevent Device Misuse

MDM solutions will help you to block certain features on mobile devices. This ensures that students don't misuse technology and remain focused on their education.

Easy Accessibility

Students can get access to pre-approved applications, study materials, software, etc. without any additional help from the IT department. This is possible even if the students are not inside the classroom. This remote capability helps them to further their education without many hassles.

Getting students, as well as tutors, digitally educated and efficiently equipped to deal with technology is a worthwhile investment for the education sector. Any institution, without difficulties, can implement robust MDM solutions for education and further their educational systems.

MDM solutions providers like Tabnova offer a comprehensive end-to-end platform like the Classroom Management App. Here, both the students and teachers can use this multi-platform solution to interact with each other, irrespective of whether they are inside the classroom or not.

It also has a host of features for schools, like:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Hand Raise Feature
  • File Sharing
  • Content Management
  • Assignment Creation & Distribution
  • Creation of Polls & Quizzes
  • Multi-Platform Support

Additionally, Tabnova's MDM system has two distinct modes - Cloud Mode and Class Mode. The Cloud Mode can be used to take classes around the world since the system is integrated with the online cloud servers, while the Class Mode can be used in the classroom and configured for use by both the student and the teacher.

The Classroom Management App of Tabnova is a comprehensive and innovative suite of mobile device management solutions that enhances the learning experience of students and the teaching experience of the tutors. For this reason, this product from Tabnova is currently one of the best MDM solutions for education.