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How Multipurpose Kiosks Come into Play

By Xavier

26 Oct

Self-service kiosks have been in use by businesses for many years now. By replacing the physical presence of an employee through the execution of predefined services in a self-service atmosphere, kiosks have contributed to increased productivity at reduced costs.

However, when it comes to small-scale businesses and enterprises, the installation of dedicated kiosks as standalone devices can be a strain on their budget. That’s where technology chips in the manner of mobile devices, iPads, tablets, etc. to save costs on infrastructure.

Industries like Hospitality, Transportation, Retail, Healthcare, Education, etc. employ a single application kiosk mode that enables them to focus a device’s functionality into one specific application. Taking it one step further is the multimode or multipurpose kiosk, which allows a device to access more than one specific application.

What Is Multipurpose or Multimode Kiosk?

When a standalone kiosk is programmed to change from one application to another based on a specific set of triggers or time-based events, then it is called a multimode kiosk. Such kiosks can also be programmed to respond according to an end-user’s input, thereby allowing them to navigate between different apps through a controlled and preconfigured setting that is decided by the company.

Such kiosks are mainly configured by companies that require the running of multiple applications simultaneously. Service industries like healthcare, education, manufacturing companies, etc. utilize multi-purpose kiosks to dispense necessary information to their customers.

For instance, in a hospital, a tablet might be used to play a particular video in a loop. When a user interacts with the tablet, the tablet immediately switches from playing the video to putting forth a specific application. Here, from being a video kiosk, the device immediately changes into a single application kiosk.

Benefits of Multipurpose Kiosk

Using kiosk devices is advantageous to both the company and its customers.

  • Controlled Device Usage: By providing limited access to device functionality, companies can ensure better control over how their devices are used. They can rest assured knowing that end-users will not be privy to applications and settings that they shouldn’t have access to.
  • Ability to Set Predefined Applications: Devices can be locked to a specific set of applications that can be controlled from a central hub. This way, monitoring and controlling the usage of applications on multiple devices can be achieved easily.
  • Less Hardware for More Purposes: Customers can make use of multipurpose kiosks to access multiple applications without any hassle. Earlier, multiple dedicated devices were needed to achieve this functionality. This also ensures there is faster customer service at a designated outlet, which in turn engenders higher customer engagement.
  • Increased Safety: Since multi-purpose kiosks can be programmed to have restricted access to the internet, there is higher data security and device safety from malicious tools.
  • Cost Efficiency: Designation of predefined applications on a kiosk allows for negligible interference of non-work-related applications thus resulting in lesser consumption of data.

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