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How to Manage and Secure Your Mobile Infrastructure with Tabnova EMM

By Xavier

02 Mar

Mobility is a key driver of business success in today's dynamic and competitive landscape. Organizations rely on mobile devices to enable productivity, collaboration, and innovation among their employees, customers, and partners. However, managing and securing a diverse and complex mobile infrastructure is not an easy task. Organizations need a comprehensive solution that can help them simplify mobile device management, secure corporate data, and enhance user experience. This is where Tabnova EMM comes in, offering a powerful and flexible platform for enterprise mobility management. In this blog, we will explain what EMM is, why it is important, and how Tabnova EMM can help you achieve your mobility goals.

What is EMM and why do you need it?

EMM stands for Enterprise Mobility Management, which is a set of technologies, policies, and processes that help organizations manage, secure, and control their mobile devices, apps, and data. EMM solutions provide a centralized platform that allows IT departments to perform various tasks

such as:

  • Enroll, configure, and monitor mobile devices across different platforms
  • Distribute, update, and control applications on mobile devices
  • Protect corporate data on mobile devices with encryption, containerization, and remote wipe
  • Enforce security policies and compliance standards on mobile devices
  • Provide usage data, analytics, and reporting on mobile devices

Organizations need EMM solutions for several reasons:

  • To manage a large number of mobile devices efficiently and consistently
  • To secure corporate data from unauthorized access or leakage on mobile devices
  • To enable productivity and flexibility for their mobile workforce
  • To integrate with other enterprise IT systems and applications

How can Tabnova EMM help you?

Tabnova EMM is a cloud-based EMM solution that helps organizations manage and secure their mobile devices, apps, and content. Tabnova EMM offers the following benefits and features:

  • Easy deployment and management: You can deploy Tabnova EMM in minutes without any hardware or software installation. You can use a web-based console to manage your devices, apps, policies, and reports from anywhere.
  • Cross-platform support: Tabnova EMM supports Android, iOS, Windows 10, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux devices. It also integrates with Samsung Knox and Android Enterprise for enhanced security and management features.
  • App management: You can securely distribute, update, and remove apps from your devices remotely. You can also whitelist or blacklist specific apps, configure app settings, wrap app data, tunnel app traffic, and analyze app usage.
  • Content management: You can securely distribute and manage content such as documents, images, videos, links, etc. on your devices. You can also encrypt content data, expire content access, watermark content files, and analyze content usage.
  • Device security: You can protect your device data with encryption and containerization. You can also remotely lock or wipe your device data in case of loss or theft. You can also enforce password policies, multi-factor authentication, secure network connectivity, antivirus scanning geofencing rules, kiosk mode settings, firewall rules certificates profiles VPN profiles on your devices.
  • User management: You can create user accounts assign roles permissions groups apps content policies devices to them.

With Tabnova EMM you can:

  • Simplify your mobile device management with a single platform
  • Secure your corporate data with robust encryption and containerization
  • Enhance your user experience with the seamless app and content distribution
  • Comply with security standards and regulations with policy enforcement
  • Optimize your mobile operations with data analytics and reporting


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has become an indispensable aspect of modern business operations. With the increasing adoption of mobile devices and the need for secure remote work capabilities EMM solutions like Tabnova EMM offer organizations the tools to effectively manage and secure their mobile ecosystem. By streamlining device and application management and strengthening security measures enabling seamless content collaboration Tabnova EMM empowers organizations to embrace mobility while ensuring data integrity compliance and enhanced productivity.