Hospitality Software

Hotel in-room entertainment, information, management solution that involves tablet in each guest’s room, and a management console for every Hotel to provide the services.

Features List

Room Service (blankets, towels, etc).

Room temperature, A/C controls.

Appointment management (spa, etc).

Customer Survey forms.

Dynamic Food/ with one-touch ordering.

Hotel information (Web, pictures, video).

Advertisement publication (tour company, rental, sightseeing places, etc).

Management And Monitoring

Different menus can be designed for different groups of devices. (Although there are all functions in the devices inside the room, only the questionnaire display is displayed on the devices on the welcome desk).

Incoming requests and survey results are monitored instantaneously from the center.

Demands that have not been served for a given period are shown in different colors.

Integration with hotel management software can be provided.

Retrospective reports can be obtained.