• Technology consist of best innovations from Hardware and software ( both cloud server and mobile devices) .
  • Hardware is commercially available Smart watch. Smart watch can be paired with a mobile phone or work independently. SIM based smart watch can reduce need to carry multiple devices
  • Software for smart watch will be developed with self learning Algorithms that will detect fall and other emergency scenario based on various on-board sensors on the smart watch
  • Remote Cloud connectivity for on demand health/activity report


  • Emergency Call (SOS)
  • Fall detector ( Detects patient falls and raises audible alarms)
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • On Demand activity, health report ( Remotely request activity report)
  • Silent calling ( make a call without call info on the screen)
  • Location tracking
  • Geo Fencing ( triggers alert message when patient goes out of area)
  • …. Many More
Safety WearCompetitors
Advanced Technology (smart watch, new gen sensors, self learning algorithms)Uses traditional technologies( few sensors, simple algorithms)
Software Based techHardware based tech
Uses Commercially availableUses proprietary HW HW
Low costHigher cost
Feature richLimited features