VR Solution

VR Headset Management & Controls

  • Tabnova VR provides the tools to deliver VR content to VR headsets simultaneously.
  • All the VR devices are locked down to contents that are sent by the ’s Tablet/PC to avoid distractions. Button presses or gestures are disabled, ensuring the student remains in the current experience, under the ’s control.
  • Application on the tablet will show all the video contents that are available to be played on the VR Headset.
  • Ability to play the selected content on one or more selected VR devices.
  • All devices (VR and Tablets) are remotely managed and locked down to a single purpose usage. No user input is required on the VR to play the video.
  • Console to manage digital VR content.
  • Video contents will be automatically downloaded to all VR devices when content is provisioned on the cloud. This will ensure there are no delays while playing the content.
  • Reports and analytics. (Ability to gather video usage statistics, device, etc).
Multiple content streaming

The can different contents simultaneously to different student groups from his/her Tablet/PC.