Protect your B2B device with SuperNovaLock Kiosk

SuperNovaLock is a mobile device configuration tool that enables administrators to convert a standard Android device into a one purpose device. Devices can be locked down to one or more applications.

Why another Kiosk app

The main problem with lots of Kiosk solutions in the market are, either they need root access or can be exited with safe mode. If root access is granted for a Kiosk solution then the entire security claim by that company is doubtful. Also, such tools can install malicious apps / steal your details to the web/ push unwanted advertisements. If you can exit Kiosk using “safe mode” then you cannot use it in a high-security environment or where techies are in action.
In the case of SuperNovaLock from our site, the plus point is it and in also, it has also got the option to switch to safe mode. So it looks like a complete solution. It also provides with Browser Kiosk, where you can lock down your device with the URL you like and the dashboard app, you can lock down your device with your apps. Their paid version has got many more functionalities and customization options.
Cost-effective solution; many of the existing solutions are packed with unwanted features and the user has to pay unnecessarily for those full solutions. Most of the users may only use one or two features of kiosk solutions but have to pay extra for the features and UI gimmicks they never use. Tabnova SuperNovaLock is completely customizable and customer pays only for the features they use.

Main features of SuperNovaLock

SuperNovaLock supports all  3 main types of KIOSK, single app, browser, and dashboard. 

Single app Kiosk

  • Allows users to configure any 3rd party app as a Kiosk app. This option allows you to select any 3rd party application as a Home Application.

Kiosk Browser

  • This allows any URL to be run in browser mode. This is useful if a business does not have an Android application to KIOSK.

Kiosk Dashboard

  • Allows the device Administrator to select few apps and URL that needs to be presented on a Dashboard to the end-user. Allows the user to configure multiple apps and URL shortcut as a Kiosk app.
Major industry verticals
  1. Education: Use a single app kiosk feature to lock down an ebook app. This is a common use case in the education vertical where tablets are used for training and exams
  2. Digital media: Tablets used digital signage shows the webpage of products. Car dealers use supernovalock browser kiosk in which they place a tablet in browser kiosk mode with the URL of the car model next to the Car that is on sale. The user can click and know more about cars on the website but is disabled from doing anything else.
  3. Healthcare: This is the use case to show the dashboard kiosk. Many nurses use tablets where few healthcare applications are locked down in a dashboard. This can also include a browser URL. You can showcase this by downloading a few healthcare apps from the play store and use the dashboard kiosk.
Features SuperNovalock
Kiosk Any Single Application
Kiosk a Home Application/Launcher
Kiosk a Browser URL
Kiosk Browser With Tabs
Kiosk a Dashboard/Launcher
Landscape/Portrait Orientation
Hide Status Bar
Disable Hardware Keys (Home/Volume/Menu)
Power Key Custom Configuration
Disable/Hide Android Packages
Disable Screen Timeout
Silent Installation Of Application From Server
Disable Settings
Custom Dashboard Logo/Text
Custom Browser Logo/Text
White Labelling
Disable Factory Reset
Disable Safe Mode
Disable USB Debugging
USB Net Functionality
Disable Settings
Disable S-Voice
Disable Recent
Disable Back Key
Import/Export Configuration
Request For Additional Features
Demo POP UP  ×
Support Email/Phone
Availability On purchase
Advanced Features
  • Create custom Kiosks for your business.
  • Protect your device with lockdown software restricting users to allowed applications only.
  • Display your message and brand your kiosk to your look and style.
  • Block users from accessing the home screen and change system settings.
  • Automatically download and silently install multiple applications from any location without user interaction.
  • Disable any Any android application to improve device performance.
  • Hide status bar.
  • Disable Hardware keys (HOME, Volume, Back, Power).
  • Configure Power KEY to show custom menu.
  • Lock device orientation to Portrait/Landscape.
  • Support for IP transfer over USB.
  • Create configuration on one device and apply the same on multiple devices using exported cloud configuration.
  •  Lockdown in KIOSK modes ( single app, browser, Dashboard).
  • Used to in Museums, libraries, hospitals to display information apps or web URL.
  • Used in Retail as digital signage.