System Monitor Solution


System Monitor provides complete status of all hardware component of a Mobile device including sensors, battery, processor, network, storage etc. along with comprehensive details of every single application that resides on the Mobile device.

System Monitor’s, cloud management portal provides administrator a dashboard to monitor status all of the Mobile devices in real-time.  Alters can be configured for interested events and actions can be programmed.

System Administrator can view device screen in real time and take screenshots.

All screenshots are OCR converted to extract contents.

System Monitor can also send device configuration settings and application control logic to all of the managed devices.


  • Automatically uninstall applications installed by the user that are not approved
  • Provides battery status over a period of time
  • Remote screen view of the mobile devices
  • Ability to capture screenshots from remote screen
  • Ability to send files to any mobile device under management
  • Alerts can be configured for various triggers such a s low battery, malicious apps etc.
  • Provides detailed information of all the Processors, Sensors, Network, Battery, Display, Storage, Device details
  • Provides detailed information on each application, including version code, signature, permissions, activities, services, content providers etc.
  • Scan for Dangerous and Suspicious apps that resides on the system
  • Automatically detect bloatware’s on each device and provides facility to disable them
  • Lists applications that use large heap of memory
  • Lists applications that use Android Native libraries
  • Lists apps that are installed from outside of play store
Cloud Console:

Tabnova cloud console provides a holistic information about all devices that are deployed. It will alert the administrator whenever any device crosses a system policy such as device battery level, geo location, whitelisted apps/websites.


Support staff can activate remote view of any device to provide support to the field force.

Screenshots will be captured of the session for compliance purposes


System administrator can remotely send application management policies to all the assets under managent.