KIOSK a Single Application

Convert any Android Device into a single purpose device. Only the selected one application will run on the device.The end user will not be able to exit the KIOSKED Application.

Kiosked application can be updated remotely.All device settings (brightness, volume, status bar etc) can be set remotely Only the administrator will be able to exit the KIOSK mode by entering a password or disabling the system remotely. It is a bullet proof KIOSK ,that does not require ROOT access. It improves security and manageability of the device

Key Features

  • Create custom Kiosks for your business.
  • Protect your device with lockdown software restricting users to allowed applications only.
  • Display your message and brand your kiosk to your look and style.
  • Block users from accessing home screen and change system settings.
  • Automatically download and silently install multiple appli
  • cations from any location without user interaction
  • Disable any Any android application to improve device performance
  • Hide status bar
  • Disable Hardware keys (HOME,Volume,Back,Power)
  • Configure Power KEY to show custom menu
  • Lock device orientation to Portrait/Landscape
  • Support for IP transfer over USB
  • Create configuration on one device and apply the same on multiple device using exported cloudconfiguration

  • In retail Shops to show music applicationTo lock down employee device to 1 app ( Camera , Maps )
  • To create survey tablet
  • In Museums to display information
  • In hotel rooms as room control unit

Case studies