Tabnova’s innovative platform now brings IOT devices to the Blockchain to revolutionise supply chain adding accountability, reliability. traceability and control.

Every entity the supply chain can now benefit from low cost, faster transaction settlement and transparency.

Benefits of using Blockchain in Supplychain :

Real world use case:

By embracing the blockchain technology all the stakeholders in the supplychain benefits. There is massive insurance benefits when blockchain is used to improve transparency.

The cold chain scenario with the use of blockchain unleashes massive cost saving by the use of smart contract and tokens.

Applications of cold chain:

  • Tabnova EMM Provisions all the Nodes ( Mobile devices, Sensors etc.) with required information of the block chain
  • Tabnova’s Barcode scanner application that enters data to the blockchain
  • Mobile application on Truck Phones that transmits sensor data with geo-location to the blockchain
  • Tabnova develops Smart contracts that verifies all the sensor variations and executes payment using tokens
  • Tabnova cloud provides reail time analytics Dashboard for tracking shipments and monitor blockchain data

Next steps?

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