EMM Solutions For Retail

Sonos and Tabnova partner up to revolutionize their merchandising and retail display unit. Sonos is the first name in wireless HiFi speaker systems, offering high-end home streaming music speakers, whole-home audio setups, and more. Due to successful turnovers in the retail market, Sonos needed to streamline its retail displays within a tight timeframe to accommodate the boom in business. Sonos partnered with Tabnova for its unique, premium, bespoke KIOSK mobile device management solution.

The Problem

How to improve display device reliability for retail store management and customer experience?

Sonos have display units throughout multiple retail chains including Walmart, Tesco and Best buy. The display unit is designed to allow customers to explore Sonos products through a tablet device as well as multiple speaker systems. Their first deployment, while successful, resulted in a lot of problems and since its inception, it has generated a multitude of issues for both the retail chain as well as impacting the customer experience. They include:

Retail Chain
  • Excessive battery usage for display devices in comparison to other display units.
  • Often changing wifi details meant manpower had to be spent readjusting the devices.
  • Customers accessing sensitive or inappropriate information via the display device.
  • Generally worsening customer experience which would hurt department performance.
Customer Experience
  • Devices disconnected by customers let them run out of battery.
  • Access to the hardware keys meant the display would be left on the home screen, removing Sonos as the focal point.
  • Devices slow performance meant customers spent less time patiently waiting, distracting sales from SONOS.
  • Customers sometimes did not have access to the newest version of the application, giving false impressions of the software.

        The Solution

        Our streamlining of Sonos display units meant utilizing multiple existing services and manufacturing new ones suitable for the situation. We utilized our Cloud mobile device management and Kiosking service. This allowed us to remotely control all the tablets on display. With this software, we could control all the physical buttons on the device, disable bloatware, store multiple wifi details and remotely install Sonos updates all with the click of a mouse not to mention the full, remote, customization of the device.

        With the same service, we can Kiosk the device to a browser, application, or create an entire dashboard from scratch. We created a bulletproof application kiosk using KNOX customization, which eliminated all previous customer experience issues.

        • Let the tablets automatically power on when a charge is detected.
        • Single App KIOSK. Bulletproof using KNOX Customization.
        • Disable all hardware keys.
        • Disable all bloatware.
        • Remote device management and maintenance using OSP.
        • Many more.