We provide mobile device (tablet as well
as mobile phone), enclosure, kiosk
software, business apps.
The One-Stop-Shop
for your kiosk needs.

Why Tabnova One-Stop-Shop?

We leverage brand intelligence to develop meaningful kiosk and engage people with actionable brand experiences that spark human connection.


Best price

Tabnova is an industry-leading Enterprise Solution provider with with support for Android Enterprise.


Easy Management

Our solution platform provides truly remote management, security, and analytics of applications and content.


Continuous Improvement

With Groundbreaking Engineering and a Highly Specialized Workforce, Tabnova delivers smart and secure, software solutions.


Best User Experience

Top brands such as Sonos, Schneider-Electric, Telia, Samsung, Patient line rely on Tabnova to support devices in the field.


Most popular

Founded in 2014, Tabnova has hundreds of customers in 30+ countries with over 1 million devices under management.


Top Kiosk Strategy

Tabnova has customer-first philosophy, all of our product evaluations are driven by real work use cases.

We Help Our Clients

Special outstanding service for Clients

Many clients are not aware of Excessive battery usage for display devices in comparison to other display units. Often changing wifi details meant manpower had to be spent readjusting the devices. Customers accessing sensitive or inappropriate information via the display device. Generally worsening customer experience which would hurt department performance.
We help them with these issues.

Full Integration

We provide mobile device (tablet as well as mobile phone), enclosure, kiosk software, business apps.

Custom Kiosk Software

One-click solution to turn any android device into a lockdown/restricted device with few apps.

Business Apps

There are many enterprise apps like Selective Wipe, IOT Sensor Interface App, Enterprise File Manager, Enterprise Camera, USB Net, USB Policy, Boot and Shutdown Animations, Hardware Key Mapper, Step Counter, Power-On Boot, Address Book, Security Trace, Attendance Manager, Tracking, User Registration, Translation, Threat Protection, Device Monitor, Emergency Caller, Inactivity Detector, Feedback/Survey APP, Speed – Action, Enterprise SMS.

Cloud Control

Easily manage and provision essential apps. You can add individual apps or a group of apps to the mandatory list. Devices are automatically monitored to identify the ones lacking any of the mandatory apps. You can instantly initiate the installation of those apps on user devices. Mandatory apps can be custom-defined for different user/device groups..

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