KNOX Enterprise

What Is The KNOX Platform For Enterprise?

Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) is a defense-grade platform built into the hardware and software of most Samsung consumer and enterprise devices.

KPE is our industry-leading security solution, designed to meet the most stringent needs of governments and regulated industries, which can be managed via Knox cloud services and partner solutions such as EMM. It also enables enterprise solution vendors to build their hardware-backed security solutions and address the strictest of enterprise mobility requirements using Knox SDKs. KPE is designed to separate, isolate, encrypt, and better protect work data on devices and provides a wide variety of capabilities for granular device management, real-time device integrity verification, and data protection. You can find a sampling of KPE features below:

  • Real-Time Kernel Protection.
  • Device Attestation.
  • Sensitive Data Protection.
  • Dual Data-At-Rest (DAR).
  • Enhanced Workspace Isolation.
  • Biometric Authentication.
  • AD Integration.
  • Government Certifications.
  • Firewall Management.
  • Advanced VPN Configuration.
    •  Per-Device, Per-Container, and Per-app VPNs.
    • On-Demand VPN.
    • On-Prem VPN Bypass.
    • VPN Chaining.
    • HTTP Proxy over VPN.
  • Remote Control.
  • Audit Log.
  • Enterprise Firmware-Over-the-Air.
  • Granular Device Management.
  • Comprehensive Device Customization.
  • Enterprise Productivity Apps.
  • Advanced App Management.
  • Extensive Workspace Configuration.
  • Network Platform Analytics.
  • Automated Certificate Enrollment.
  • Universal Credential Management.
  • Client Certificate Manager.
  • DeX Management.
  • Split Billing.

Tabnova, a Samsung Enterprise partner, supports the KNOX platform for enterprises. This is an extension of Android Enterprise on Samsung Devices with the additional support of KNOX. This increases the security and manageability of your enterprise solutions by leverage the cutting-edge Knox Platform for Enterprise.