Tabnova Dashboard Kiosk

One click solution to turn any android device into a lockdown/restricted device with few apps. Once you have customized your Dashboard/Persona with apps and wallpapers then you can switch to the persona by Launching the “Tabnova Dashboard App”.


Download the Tabnova Dashboard Consumer Application from


For Enterprise Edition of Tabnova Dashboard KIOSK Application, please contact us.

Key Features

  • Ability to lock down selected apps on a dashboard
  • Exit using password and remote
  • Ability to add wallpaper to Dashboard/Launcher screen
  • Server based controls and multiple device management
  • AI and Analytics to view application usage
  • Ability set Date/Time, phone number and custom text
  • Time based controls
Supporting Apps

  • Business use this app to provide limited access to their employees
  • Shops Lockdown entertainment apps for consumers
  • Parents use the app to restrict kids to kid’s applications
  • Elderly persons use it to avoid app cluttering

To Manage multiple devices please contact to obtain cloud login. Hundreds of enterprise devices can be managed from the cloud console.