A cold chain is a temperature controlled supply chain. Agricultural produce, frozen food, sea food, medicine need to ensure a desired temperature to preserve the item and manage the shelf-life of products. The cold chain quality as to be managed, measured, controlled, documented and validated.
Software based Cold chain technology can improve efficiency, increase transparency and reduce wastage of products.


Tabnova platform provides the best in class, affordable software based cold chain solution for the transportation and logistics industry. Each vehicle is equipped with a mobile device and IOT multiple sensors that are managed with Tabnova EMM. All Sensors use wireless Bluetooth LE to transmit data.

All device settings and applications are remotely configured. In most of the cases, the devices are set in kiosk mode so that the user of the mobile device has access to only approved apps.
Tabnova tracking suite, enables live tracking of the vehicles.

Multiple IOT sensor devices can be positioned in a vehicle, that will configured to send data to the mobile device which will then broadcast the live parameters along with GPS and timestamp to Tabnova cloud.

The locked down mobile devices ensures the data is not manipulated. Only configured sensors can transmit data to the Tabnova cloud.


  • Dashboard to display live data of temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Historical data can be retrieved and exported to excel files
  • Alerts can be configured based on thresholds
  • GPS and time stamp is provided with each data points
  • Automatic email alert can be configured
  • Multiple sensors can be configured in a single vehicle
Applications of cold chain:

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Food
  • Hospital and Medical
  • Government
  • Blood services

Next steps?

Transportation companies need to just purchase the IOT devices ( each device cost around £20 ) and have a Tabnova cloud subscription to get up and running. Tabnova will provide full support to its customers for device provisioning to get the business up and running with cold chain solution.
Customers can also benefit from Tabnova’s Enterprise app suite to improve their business efficiency.

Please contact our sales team (sales@tabnova.com) to arrange a demo

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