Transportation industry is always looking for ways to improve customer experience while adding value to their business.

The Problem

One private taxi company based in Germany wanted to introduce tablets in their cars for both the drivers and the passengers. The tablet will primary be an infotainment device for the passengers but it should have capability to showcase advertisement based on context. The solution should be flexibility to include more apps and must be easy to maintain

The Solution

TabNova Provided a cutting edge solution for on-­‐board entertainment in Taxi. The solution developed on Tabnova EMM platform locked the device into multi-­‐app dashboard with access to only required apps and settings. Passengers could view entertainment apps whilst advertisements were shown based on user inactivity detection. The solution also had various connectivity configurations ( GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC ) etc to provide, location and context based services. Fleet could manage all of their taxi and build configuration on a single Tabnova platform.  

Benefits of this solution :

  • Easy to manage and maintain device
  • Flexibility to change configuration and apps
  • Live monitor of Vehicles and tablet status
  • Advertisement platform for partners


With Tabnova EMM and Dashboard KIOSK, best in class transportation solution was deployed in all of Fleet’s Taxi in Germany, thereby creating advertisement revenue and reduced operational cost. while minimizing maintenance for drivers.