EMM Solutions for Healthcare

Tabnova and Telia Sweden enhance patient experience with latest in-room technology.Telia, One of Sweden’s biggest conglomerate’s has become a staple name in the country. They offer a multitude of services, branching out to multiple sectors. The company has operations in multiple countries including Denmark, Kazakhstan and Spain. And is slowly looking to revolutionise the telecommunication market.

The Problem

Telia is extremely focused on expansion. Presence in the health care sector is one of their priority strategies at the moment. They needed a bespoke application tailor suited to their problem. Telia needed applications to manage patient registration,patient telephony,infotainment etc.
In order to resolve this problem, Telia decided to install tablets in a room belonging to each customer in a care home. This would provide entertainment for the patient, allow monitoring and while expensive, bettered the company as a premium service provider.
However, installing unlocked tablets meant they could be tampered. It also meant there was no procedure in place to monitor the devices themselves. When dealing with huge amounts of deployable devices it would become extremely inefficient to individually, physically set the correct parameters for every single device.

The Solution

Telia compared numerous mobile applications and contacted multiple bespoke software engineers but for a number of reasons most solutions did not meet their need. Telia selected Tabnova as their partner because of our innovative solutions, agile methodology in product development and world class consulting.
Our Healthcare project looks to minimalize human error at the workplace. We built around every request and this allowed us to create a password protected device with lockdown settings. Tabnova integration with KNOX Mobile Enrolment is saving IT admin time and money, enabling deployment of numbers tablets with ease and consistency. The bespoke solution has an user interface that acts as a platform for entertainment, a communication system that encourages inter-branch exchanges and multiple additional tweaks including pill reminders, timeout options and even a chat service!


Multiple bespoke applications  were  developed by  Tabnova in  a  short  span  of  time.  All applications are integrated to Tabnova EMM cloud. Telia has now decided to expand the solutions to various other  departments  in numerous  hospitals.