Case Study

Company Bermerme Media Case Study – Netherlands

CBM has a variety of retail stores spanning across the Netherlands. Their dynamic approach to retail management has allowed an influx of success. As CBM expands its retail display units have evolved with the company. CBM required assistance streamlining these same units. They partner up with Tabnova.

The Problem

How to improve display device reliability for retail store management and customer experience?

Certain display units were required to display indefinite videos, marketing their brand. A multitude of issues arose as a result. The mobile devices were not designed/optimized to manage the battery requirements of 24/7 video feedback. Also, due to the ever-changing marketing department, new videos replace the old ones regularly. CBM needed a solution that,

  • Allowed the device to seamlessly adapt and automatically replace the new videos.
  • Maximize the efficiency and battery management of the device.
  • Loop the video indefinitely.
  • Have a bulletproof, customer resistant device, negating any vandalism or actions that would render the display useless.

The Solution

Tabnova provided a bespoke, premium service that utilized already existing products as well as challenging the company to produce new services. Tabnova created the Video Looper Appaswe expected CBM was not the only company in the world that would require such a solution. It allows videos to play in an indefinite loop regardless of the environment. It also utilizes one of other, more globally used product Power on Boot. This allowed the device to seamlessly play video without running out of battery. It works by only allowing the tablet to function when it has power being provided to it. This meant CBM saved money on excess electricity but it also meant their corporate social responsibility was in line, reducing electricity usage.

We programmed the software to automatically download new videos from their FTP page when available. This final addition meant the device was completely self-sustainable. Having had power issues resolved and it is automatically updated, CBM was extremely happy with their solution and went out of their way to praise Tabnova.