Is it a good idea to root your device ?

On a normal Android device as a user of the device , you are limited to what you can achieve on the phone. This leads may mobile phone users to root the device.

Rooting the device gives superuser privilege on the device.

So what can you do with superuser privilege? Well, you can pretty much do anything, uninstalling apps that are preinstalled, delete system files, extract apks and many more.

What are the steps to root your device? 

XDA forum has a detailed method for each device model, please check  XdaDevelopers

All sounds great but it also opens up lot of risks. The major risk is that once your device is rooted, some malware apps can now utilize the super user privilege and hack everything from your phone.

What are the alternative option?

For  individuals, Supernovalock application will provide them most of the features that one is looking for in a rooted device such as Disabling system apps, greater control of device settings , ability for kiosk app, use as a mobile device management software and use profiles to change and control settings and apps

Enterprise can use Tabnova EMM ( Enterprise Mobility Management) product to stop employees from installing non approved apps, disable installation of apps from unknown sources, disable play store , restrict websites and many more without the need of rooting. For a Enterprise the risk of rooting is too high, so they always prefer the Tabnova cloud based EMM solution to control, manage, secure, app kiosk.

Tabnova EMM works on all android devices, on certain device models  owner app mode will have to be set by the IT admin.