Classroom Management

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  • Use the Note tool to draw on the tablet screen.
  • Capture and send screen shots to students.
  • Media sharing and control.
  • Launch applications on students screen.
  • Launch websites on student screen.
  • Whitelist applications that are allowed during the course.
  • View students messages to the teacher.
  • Block hardware keys.
  • Apply wallpaper on the student device.
  • Lock student screen.
  • Mute student devices.
  • Logout students.
  • Monitor student screen.
  • Clear data from student devices during logout.

Mobile application that is available on Android and iOS. This application can be used to conduct a class in a school using CLASS_MODE configuration. The application can be configured in SCHOOL_MODE for remote schooling. This is an application configuration to set the application for teacher or for student. Student mode devices cannot be reconfigured to teacher mode without re-installation or MDM. MDM can automatically set modes.

  • Add course background and image.
  • Give a name for the course. Password is optional.
  • If password has been set for the course the students will need a password to join the course.
  • Add a wallpaper for the course that will be applied to all students’ tablets that join the course.
  • Bar-code is automatically generated for each course.
  • Students can scan this bar-code to join the course.
  • Teacher can SAVE or SAVE and START the course. 
  • Delete option can be used to delete the course and its content. The START button will start the course. Bar-code option for students to scan bar-code and join the course.
  • All courses are listed. Students can join any course with the join button.
  • Teachers name is also displayed along with the course.
  • Scan QR code: Students can use this option to scan a bar-code of a course.
  • Bar-codes of the courses are normally printed and displayed on the class new board.
  • Samsung Classroom Management Cloud is an innovative teaching solution that improves the learning experience for teachers and students with a flexible environment.
  • Make lessons more dynamic and entertaining by using multimedia content, which is an effective method to communicate information. Enjoy various functions that allow teachers and students to communicate more interactively.
  • Cloud based web console that can be used by teachers and students for remote schooling. Teacher can create course contents, manage assignments, quiz, polls, video conferences etc.
Video Conferencing
  • Fast, reliable, and secure video meetings you can trust. Create a free meeting room, invite guests, and start your first meeting in minutes.
  •  An online meeting with video builds trust and increases collaboration.
Screen Sharing
  • Keep everyone on the same page by sharing your screen so they can see the same content.
  • Sharing slide as a virtual background.
Hand Raise
  • Gain the attention of the presenter.
  • The host will be notified that you’ve raised your hand.
File Sharing
  • Co- files in real-time.
  • Securely , access, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere.
Manage Content
  • Content can be Image, Document, Link, Audio, Video.
  • Image, Document can use jpg, jpeg, Docx, excels, ppt.
  • The link can be used such as http or https.
  • Audio and Video formats are supported.
  • The assignment can be an image or a document.
  • Once the assignment has been created and published student can work on the assignment and submit.
  • The quiz can be created automatically or manually.
  • The quiz can be created by the True/ False or multiple.
  • Once the Quiz is saved, the student can work on the quiz and submit it.
  • Add a question and multiple answer choices.
  • When students click on the poll they will have the option to select a choice.
  • And student can click on the poll material and view the result.
Multi-Platform Support
  • Apps for Android AND IOS.
  • Browser-based access from PC.