Tabnova Instore AI

Tabnova provides a simple, powerful and effective insight from every shoppers to enhance sales. It is the only solution to provide cost effective and full store analytics using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning.

  • Offers AI based technology to offline retailers
  • Ability to capture customer attention and analyze it in real time
  • Real time reporting to maximize QOS to customers
  • Two way communication with potential customers

Tabnova Instore AI benefits

Visitor Insights

  • Visitor Statistics
  • Demographics (Age, Sex)
  • Unique visitor, returning visitor

Tenant Intelligence

  • Footfall traffic
  • Dwell times in shops
  • Application usage statistics


  • Smart digital signage
  • Targeted offers/coupons

Operation Optimization

  • Usage Level by shops
  • Peak visitor times
  • Event based alerts

Tabnova Instore AI Platform

Tabnova has a powerful business intelligence platform that represents the core of the system.

  • Graphical dashboard for real time data display
  • Powerful export feature
  • Automated Email for reporting
  • Live view of visitor and demographic
  • Support for multiple user roles with permission controls
  • CMS with coupon delivery mechanism
  • Digital signage functionality
  • IOT sensor and Bluetooth beacon integration
  • Remote management of Apps and settings on all devices
  • Android Enterprise support
  • API (RESTful /JSON) support   for third party integration

Competitive Advantage

Tabnova Instore AICompetition
TechnologyImage AnalyticsVideo stream Analytics
Bandwidth requirementLowHIGH
Edge computing hardwareNo hardware required. 1 edge device per shop may be used1 hardware per device
Actions Based on TriggersYesNo
GPU intensive hardware on cloud serversNoYes
CMS for digital signage and couponYesNo
PricingFraction of the competition£100 to £200 /device/month