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About Tabnova

Tabnova is an industry leading  Enterprise Solution provider with the most popular mobile platform with support for Android Enterprise. It easy to develop complete end to end solutions, provisioning and managing along with security to help maintain, and effectively measure tablet devices at any scale. With groundbreaking engineering and highly specialised workforce, Tabnova delivers smart and secure, software solution.



Our solution platform provides truly remote management, security, and analytics of applications and content. Additionally, we offer developer tools such as an SDK and APIs to help you integrate your mobile single purpose device solutions to the Tabnova platform.


Tabnova has customer first philosophy, all of our product evaluations are driven by real work use cases. Tabnova also provides all types of KIOSK options to its customers, that include single app kiosk, browser kiosk, dashboard kiosk and video looper kiosk.


Founded in 2014, Tabnova has hundreds of customers in 30+ countries with over 1 million devices under management. Top brands such as Sonos, Schneider-Electric, Telia, Samsung, Patientline rely on Tabnova to support thousands of mobile devices in the field.


Tabnova has headquarters in UK and branches in India and Australia

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