Android Enterprise - Tab Nova

Tabnova EMM is now Android for Enterprise partner. Customers can use the same industry-leading Tabnova EMM interface to manage all types of android devices and deploy apps directly from play store along with improved security.

KEY Benefits:

Separate Work and Personal profiles

Android now has a dedicated tab in app launcher to make work apps more visible. Work apps have a blue badge for clarity.


This allows native user experience for both work and Personal section on the device.

Comprehensive KIOSK modes

All forms of kiosk modes (Single application kiosk, multiple apps kiosk, browser kiosk) are all available for IT admin without the need of any additional application.


This mode also lets enterprises limit access to device options, such as mobile connectivity or the settings menu, while still allowing users to get notifications and interact with a defined set of apps.

Improved security

IT administrator can enforce different levels of password complexity and timeout rules.

Policies can be enforced to restrict data sharing across work and personal profiles. Keys and certificates are used to securely identify device accessing corporate resources

Application deployment from Play store

Enterprise can now use play store apps on Tabnova EMM Iframe interface to push apps to the corporate devices. Distribution of applications to user/devices can be automatic or on-demand. Application updates are automatically managed by google play services.

IT admin can track app inventory, versions and user compliance using polices.


Private apps can also be hosted on in the play store private channel.

Application Configuration

User specific application configurations for all supported applications can be pushed from Tabnova EMM’s Manage configuration interface.  Gmail, Google Drive and other mobile apps can be configured and managed securely.

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